Family-made vermouth with the seal of a centuries-old tradition

Family-made vermouth with the seal of a centuries-old tradition

At Padró i Família we are proud to be producers of several different vermouths with a solid and long-standing reputation. We have a family wine-making tradition behind us that dates back to 1886 and not only do we make all our own vermouth, including Myrrha & Padró & Co., we are also passionate about taking care of every single detail of the creative process, carried out, from start to finish, at our winery in Bràfim (Tarragona) .

Our winemaker, Mario García, combines spices, botanicals and roots with a base wine that we also make ourselves, to obtain unique, high-quality vermouth coupages which we then allow to age, or more importantly to “rest” in wooden barrels, some of which are as much as 80 years old. The vermouth is kept in these optimum conditions, gently acquiring its character, until it is time for bottling, which is also carried out at the Padró family winery.

All this collective effort at Padró i Familia has earned us more than one accolade in both Spanish and international competitions such us the Vinari Awards, the International Wine Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition and London’s International Wine and Spirit Competition. Our vermouths have received a total of 28 awards, 10 of which are gold medals. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to offering consumers an exclusive, modern and attractive product.

All our packaging evokes the plants and flowers used in making vermouth, with a more traditional look for our Myrrha and a bolder, eye-catching presentation for our Padró & Co. with its bottles “dressed-up” in colourful arabesques and its oval labels reminiscent of traditional barrels. Eleven medals for packaging prove that a combination of tradition and innovation in a single product can bring success.

We are currently expanding internationally – Padró & Co. is now available in at least 10 different countries around the world thanks to our determination to bring consumers in both Spain and elsewhere, visual delight and a top-quality vermouth all in the same parcel.

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