Rojo Amargo: skillfully-made, seductive and shimmering

Rojo Amargo: skillfully-made, seductive and shimmering

“A phenomenal red vermouth with a generously bitter character”: this is how Gastroactitud describes our Padró & Co. Rojo Amargo. Written by renowned foodie journalists and winemakers, this is one of Spain’s major blogs, with a loyal following (75,000 individual visitors) and a large community on social media.

Federico Oldenburg, wine-journalist, contributor to a range of publications and panel member for a number of prestigious competitions, has praised the expertise at Padró i Família, which has been making and selling alcoholic beverages since 1886”.

The publication highlights the finer points of the process used by the Padró family, in their quest for maximum quality, to make the Rojo Amargo, saying that it is a vermouth whose character is expressed in its very name. For Oldenburg, the aromatic expression of this Padró i Família vermouth is seductive, with hints of citrus and a “voluminous and fresh” palate.

Gastroactitud also points out the vermouth’s charming packaging, “a colourful print with fluorescent effects”. To sum things up, this major publication describes our Rojo Amargo as a “delicious vermouth”.

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