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Casa Vermouth Padró (Bràfim - Tarragona)

Casa Vermouth Padró opens its doors to Spanish online publication La Conca 5.1

"Vermouth lovers should make a point of visiting the village of Bràfim to learn more about how vermouth is made and the age-old traditions, skills and delicate processes used, of which consumers are largely unaware when choosing or drinking a vermouth". This is the opening line of the report...

Autumn gastronomic fiesta in Castellón!

Our five Padró & Co. vermouths have been down in Castellón ´helping out´ at the Autumn 2017 Awards of the province’s Ruta de Tapas Sabores de Castellón, and delighting all of those present it seems. Thanks to Vermouth Padró’s expert mixologist, Jordi Vizcarro, people were able to taste for themselves...

Vermuts Padró - Va de Vermut 2017 Barcelona

Va de Vermut Barcelona

Barcelona’s International Vermouth and Aperitif Fair Va de Vermut took place on 3rd and 4th June at the Cotxeres de Sants Civic Centre in Barcelona. “Make vermouth not war” was the catchline for this third year of the well-known gastronomy fair. For Vermouth Padró & Co., the event, which hosted...

Myrrha sponsors the 2015 SUNFEC FESTIVAL

Our Myrrha vermouth was one of the main players at the SUNFEC electronic music festival which took place yesterday on the Platja de les Palmeres and at the Parc del Pescador in Cambrils, just south of Tarragona. The “electronic aperitivo” was accompanied by well-known DJs such as Candy Cox, Robert...

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