Vermut Myrrha Blanco by Padró & Co.

Delicious tradition

Our Myrrha Blanco is made using natural infusions of aromatic plants added to a base of young white wine.

Pale yellow in colour with a bright tone.

Intense and agreeably spicy aromas greet the senses and envelop the nose with a mixture of floral, citrus and anise notes.

Initial density on the palate with a pleasant sweetness followed by a sense of fresh zestiness. The aftertaste is elegant and very slightly tangy, tempting the taster to take another sip.

Myrrha Blanco should be served very cold in a wide-rimmed glass with a twist of lemon and a mint leaf.

Vermouth made from a unique infusion of aromatic herbs and bottled directly at our winery.

15% ALC. / VOL. 100cl.
Other formats: Bag In Box 5L