Vermouth Padró & Co. Reserva Especial

The Pleasure in Complexity

Vermouth Padró & Co. Reserva Especial

At the end of the 19th century, wines from Tarragona enjoyed great prestige internationally. At that time, our Padró ancestors were making liqueur wines in the style of the “great wines” of the time: Port, Sherry or Sauternes, among others. In 1947, these fortified wines were the first to be regulated within the Tarragona Denominación de Origen or Appellation and were given the name Tarragona Clásicos.

We wanted to make a vermouth using a sweet Tarragona Clásico-style liqueur wine aged for 5 years in 7,000-litre oak vats and which we have been using at the winery for generations. We add a small amount of this wine to the solera wine in the final vermouth coupage together, of course, with our special touch of vermouth herbs.

Nose: Intense and striking. Powerful aromas from the prolonged ageing: dried figs, roasted hazelnuts and green walnuts

Mouth: Warm and rich at the beginning, giving way to liquorice and medicinal herbs, encased in sweet notes, and a bitter tang.

Vermouth made from a unique infusion of aromatic herbs and aged in the barrel before bottling at our winery.

18% ALC. / VOL. 75cl.