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Sage, an aromatic and medicinal plant with a prominent presence in vermouth

Sage, with its combination of bitter and spicy flavours, can often be perceived in white vermouths and is one of the botanicals that we also use to make our Myrrha Rojo and Padró & Co. Rojo Clásico. It is one of the best-known aromatic plants in the Mediterranean. The beneficial...

Gentian root in Padró vermouths

Gentian, a remarkable root in our bitter vermouths

Our Padró & Co. Dorado Amargo Suave and Rojo Amargo vermouths are characterized by an engaging bitter taste that is unlikely to leave you indifferent. This special flavour is achieved by the careful selection of several botanicals infused in alcohol. One of the most distinctive of these botanicals is gentian...

Ajenjo - Artemisia

What is wormwood and why is it a necessary ingredient in Spanish vermouth?

Wormwood or Artemisia, in Latin, is the quintessential herb, without which a vermouth quite simply, isn’t a vermouth. The base formula for any drink calling itself vermouth must be 75% wine and wormwood, one of the botanicals used. In fact, the world’s first vermouth, commonly thought to have sprung from...

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