Vermouth began to take root in our area at the end of the 19th century and soon became one of the region’s most traditional and popular beverages.

Our Myrrha vermouth offers a special contrast of delicate sweetness with a distinctive and slightly tangy taste.

A fusion of citrus fruits, nuts, oriental spices and mountain herbs is lovingly expressed in its aromas.


Soft caramel in colour with shades of amber.

Balsamic notes, aniseed and mountain herbs appear in the aromas. When shaken, aromas of spices such as vanilla and cloves emerge, acquired during the aging process. Caramel-like essence with candied fruits.

In the mouth, initially warm and enveloping giving way to a blend of refreshing and elegant tanginess and a soft and velvety sweetness.


As a pre-dinner drink or to accompany appetizers, we recommend serving on the rocks: put a couple of ice cubes and a small slice of orange peel into an empty glass. When the glass is cold, add the vermouth at room temperature.

We recommend serving in an open-rimmed cocktail glass and remember to add a couple of olives to give the drink elegance.

So as not to mask the natural aromas, it is better not to add lemon peel to the vermouth or serve it fridge-co

15% ALC. / VOL. 100CL.
Other formats: 5L & 15L Bag In Box