Padró & Co. Vermouth at Home

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Vermouth Padró & Co. en casa

Padró & Co. Vermouth at Home

Vermouth is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages still being drunk today and an increasing number of people are wanting to know more about it. When we think of vermouth here in Spain, we usually associate it with the aperitif, particularly pre-lunch drinks on weekends. However, the possibilities for vermouth are endless and with five different expressions to choose from, our Padró & Co. vermouths offer a journey of discovery. From aperitif to cocktail, our vermouths can even be drunk with the different courses of a good meal, as a drink afterwork or even as a night-cap.

Our five unique Padró & Co. vermouths allow you to choose a vermouth for each mood or moment. If you prefer a touch of sweetness, try our Rojo Clásico, which is creamy and fresh in the mouth with its Mediterranean herbs, or our zesty and refreshing Blanco Reserva. If you are looking for a slightly more bitter drink with some added complexity, try our Reserva Especial, well-rounded on the palate from an extended ageing. With our Rojo Amargo, our double-infusion vermouth, you will enjoy a pleasant blend of sensations, from fresh and zesty orange to the delightful bitterness of cinchona. Our Dorado Amargo Suave brings you a perfect balance between bitter and sweet.

In order to fully appreciate the delicate balance of the ingredients in each vermouth, we recommend serving our Padró & Co. vermouths cold and without ice or any garnishes, such as fruit or olives in the glass. Our vermouths are the result of a long process that goes all the way from the vineyard right onto to the palate, so we recommend that you try them neat. If drunk with ice, the delicate herb flavours will be diluted, so we recommend adding a slice of orange or lemon or some olives. A soda syphon is traditionally used to make a longer, less intense vermouth drink, but bear in mind that part of the body of the wine and herb essences will be lost.

And another tip: once the bottle is open, be sure to store it in the fridge. This will slow down the oxidation process allowing the vermouth to maintain its quality for several months.

The best way to discover which is your favourite Padró & Co. vermouth is to try them all. Experiment with pairings to decide which vermouth you prefer in which situation, with which type of food and in which company, or mix up some cocktails to discover the gourmet touch that each of our vermouths can bring to your creations.

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