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Sage, an aromatic and medicinal plant with a prominent presence in vermouth

Sage, with its combination of bitter and spicy flavours, can often be perceived in white vermouths and is one of the botanicals that we also use to make our Myrrha Rojo and Padró & Co. Rojo Clásico. It is one of the best-known aromatic plants in the Mediterranean. The beneficial...

Vermut Myrrha Rojo by Padró & Co.

Myrrha Rojo, a traditional Spanish vermouth that appeals to a wide range of palates

Today we are tasting our Myrrha Rojo by Padró & Co. This is our most traditional vermouth that takes us back to the time of the very first wines flavoured with wormwood and other botanicals grown in our area, the Camp de Tarragona, during the 19th century. The contrast between...

Padró i Familia looks back fondly at vermouth awards received in 2020

A Grand Gold Bacchus and other awards for the Padró family winery The arrival of 2021 brings with it the hope that little by little we will recover normality and be able to move on from the coronavirus crisis. Despite the difficulties we all experienced during 2020, Padró & Co. has...

Best Vermouth 2020

Vermut Myrrha Rojo by Padró & Co., Best Red Vermouth 2020 at the Catalan Vermouth Awards

We are delighted to announce this new award for our vermouth from this year’s Vinari Catalan Vermouth Awards. This prestigious competition offers a benchmark for all vermouths made in Catalonia, where the very first Spanish vermouths were produced, back in the nineteenth century. Our Myrrha Rojo by Padró & Co. was awarded a...

We are celebrating! Myrrha by Padró & Co., our line of traditional vermouths just turned five

Han conseguido ganar muchos adeptos a lo largo de sus 5 años de existencia, tanto entre el público como en concursos. Entre los premios más recientes destacamos el Vinari d’Or al Mejor Vermut Reserva que consiguió el Myrrha Rojo Reserva en este 2019 y el premio al Mejor Vermut para...

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