Myrrha Rojo, a vermouth for all occasions

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Myrrha Rojo, a vermouth for all occasions

It’s been an exciting year for our Myrrha Rojo vermouth which recently made its mark at the the Vinari Catalan Vermouth Awards. The appetising and versatile nature of our original red vermouth has put it on the podium at this prestigious competition held annually in Catalonia, where much of Spain’s vermouth is made. Although it’s not the first time our Myrrha Rojo has come home with a medal having received a Silver Vinari for best red vermouth in 2017. In 2015 our red Myrrha Reserva was awarded a Bronze Vinari.

This year our Myrrha Rojo was also dubbed best cocktail vermouth for its well-rounded qualities that make it perfect for mixing with other ingredients and creating fantastic combinations. The possibilities are infinite, and this vermouth delights the most demanding of mixologists.

Our three different Myrrha vermouths are also being well-received by visitors at a wide range of events, since they are pleasing to the palate and provide a perfect mix of bitter-sweet. They rarely disappoint first-time tasters and keep people coming back for more.

Our Myrrha Rojo offers aromas of vanilla and cloves with the balsamic notes of mountain herbs. Its caramel essence with candied fruits, make it smooth on the palate leaving little room for indifference.

We recommend drinking Myrrha Rojo chilled in a wide-rimmed glass in order to appreciate the subtle aromas before tasting. You can also drink it over ice with a twist of orange. You won’t need much else to enjoy all the sensations of this fabulous vermouth!

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