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Vermouth Padró & Co. en casa

Padró & Co. Vermouth at Home

Vermouth is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages still being drunk today and an increasing number of people are wanting to know more about it. When we think of vermouth here in Spain, we usually associate it with the aperitif, particularly pre-lunch drinks on weekends. However, the possibilities for vermouth...

Is vermouth here to stay?

Vermouth is booming in Spain and for several years now we’ve been hearing that it’s the in-drink; but is it just a fad or is it here to stay? It looks very much as though vermouth is recovering some of the limelight of its belle epoque and is not going...

What is mistela?

At Padró i Família we use mistela as the base wine for our Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva. But not many people know what mistela is, especially among the younger population who do not come across it very often. Mistela is not exactly a wine, so what then is it? During the grape harvest,...

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