What makes Padró & Co. vermouth so special?

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What makes Padró & Co. vermouth so special?

Premium quality at all stages of the vermouth-making process

At Padró i Familia, here in the tiny village of Bràfim, northeast Spain, we have a long tradition of wine- and vermouth-making dating back to the 19th century. It was not until more recently, however, that we started making our range of gourmet vermouths, Padró & Co. Both consumers and experts alike were quick to recognise that our vermouths, made following a meticulous process, was deserving of some special recognition.

At Padró i Família, we pay careful attention to each stage of our vermouth-making process, from the tending of our vines to the way we bring our vermouths to you. Our packaging celebrates the exceptional quality inside the bottle. The result is Padró & Co., our exclusive range of fine-quality vermouths.

For our base wine, we use Macabeo and Xarel.lo grapes from the Padró family estates. We work throughout the year to care for our vines and ensure the finest possible harvest. We also make sure the grapes are harvested just at the right time.

We make all the base wine ourselves at our winery and allow it to age sol y serena for a full 12 months in oak barrels located in the walled patio of our Casa Vermouth Padró. Simultaneously, for each vermouth, we infuse a careful selection of fine-quality natural botanicals in wine and wine alcohol including the peel of citrus fruits from our own trees.  At Padró i Familia, we also use our own fortified wines, such as a Tarragona Clásico and mistelas, in the secret formulas of our Padró & Co. vermouths, making each vermouth quite unique. The wooden barrels we use for ageing our vermouths also contribute to their complexity. In addition to this, our Padró & Co. vermouths have a final ABV of 18% which enhances the herbs and spices allowing you to better appreciate the flavours resulting from the meticulous process we use.

The unique character of each Padró & Co. vermouth

Padró & Co. Vermouth Range

Each Padró & Co. vermouth has qualities that define its own individual character. Our Padró & Co. vermouths are vermuts de autor or signature vermouths, made by our winemaker, Mario García. Our Reserva Especial, for example, contains a very traditional local-style Tarragona Clásico, wine, giving the vermouth a delicious complexity following its long resting period in ex – sherry casks. In the case of our Blanco Reserva, we use an aged white mistela as the base wine and a herb infusion that gives the vermouth a delicate and refreshing sweetness. Our Rojo Clásico is a traditional red vermouth but with some additional complexity due to a thoughtful selection of herbs and a longer-than-usual resting period. In the case of our Dorado Amargo Suave, with its beautiful amber tones, the original colour of vermouth, the bitter botanicals are perfectly balanced with the other components of the vermouth resulting in delicious sensations on the palate. Lastly, our Rojo Amargo owes its originality to a double infusion of red vermouth and bitter botanicals.

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