Is vermouth here to stay?

Is vermouth here to stay?

Vermouth is booming in Spain and for several years now we’ve been hearing that it’s the in-drink; but is it just a fad or is it here to stay? It looks very much as though vermouth is recovering some of the limelight of its belle epoque and is not going to be quickly forgotten as a passing trend.

Vermouth is very much a social and foodie drink that has reinvented itself in order to take on a contemporary aura, with increasing energy. It is an ideal option for any time of the day, even though in Spain, it has always been drunk just before the midday meal, the time now commonly referred to as la hora del vermut. Having said that, it is gaining momentum as the number one drink for afterwork, nudging beer and wine into second place.

Vermouth is an ideal companion in food pairings as well as in mixed drinks and cocktails offering endless possibilities due to the many different types of vermouth on offer. We ourselves have a selection of cocktail suggestions for our Padró & Co. and Myrrha ranges, but the list is infinite.

If you have read our earlier posts on how vermouth can be beneficial to our health (when consumed in moderation), as an appetite or digestive stimulant, for example, you will now be more than familiar with the properties of this wonderful drink. It is this that has allowed vermouth to retain its stronghold from ancient Greece all the way through to our modern time, as one of the world’s most international drinks.


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