Peñín 90-point recognition for Myrrha Vermouth

Peñín 90-point recognition for Myrrha Vermouth

Our Myrrha vermouths recently won a place at the Guia Penin’s exclusive Salon for Premium Spirits in Madrid. The event, held on 1st March and now in its 7th year, provided a special arena for approximately 44 different spirit and vermouth brands, all of them awarded 90+ points in the 2016 edition of Peñín’s guide. This is the first year that the guide includes a vermouth section and the Salon, attended by over 1,200 members of the wines and spirits industry was followed by a Cocktails event (V Cocktail Salon) where attendees were also able to taste a range of amazing cocktails made using vermouth.

Our Vermouth Myrrha Reserva was awarded 90 points with our Myrrha White and Red close behind with 89 points and all three were included in the professional vermouth tasting given during the Salon by Belgian writer, François Conti, author of “El Gran Libro del Vermut” (The Big Vermouth Book).

In addition, cocktail expert, Jordi Vizcarro, was on hand in the evening to mix a special white Myrrha cocktail created for the occasion.

The new version (2016) of Peñín’s Guide to Spirits and Cocktails came out on 10th March.

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