Tasting in Cardiff: pairing Padró & Co. vermouths… with appetizers and cheese!

At Padró & Co. we continue on our international tour! Three of our vermouths recently flew straight to the heart of Cardiff, for our very first tasting in the UK. A small and enthusiastic group of tasters were able to ´get to know’ our Blanco Reserva, Rojo Amargo and Dorado Amargo Suave first hand. Quite a sensory experience!

The tasting took place at Cardiff’s Spanish deli-restaurant the ‘Curado Bar’, which proved to be an ideal setting from which to introduce our vermouths to the mainly local audience keen to know more about the Spanish vermouth culture.

To great effect, the Curado Bar paired our three Padró & Co. vermouths with typical Spanish appetizers (almonds, olives and crisps) as well as cold meats and cheese, two of our favourite and more daring recommendations.

Vermouth definitely has a place as an alternative to wine – to accompany cheese and or even certain courses in a meal. More pairing suggestions coming soon!

All three Padró & Co. vermouths proved to be quite a hit among the different participants of the tasting and for us it was a real privilege to be able to gather some first-hand impressions from potential end consumers. We returned to Spain with a good dose of positive energy. See you again soon Cardiff!