First cheese & vermouth pairing at Cubermut, Cubelles Vermouth Fair

First cheese & vermouth pairing at Cubermut, Cubelles Vermouth Fair

¿A cheese and vermouth Padró pairing? We really couldn’t let such an appealing idea pass by. So, at the end of September (the weekend of the 23rd) coinciding with the First Cubermut Fair in Cubelles (just along the coast from Barcelona) we set off for Vermutería Canalla to put the idea to the test.

With the help of Xerigots, gourmet shop and cheese-lovers haven in Vilafranca del Penedès, those who signed up for our tasting got to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience. Thanks to creative input from Jordi Bertran (Xerigots) and Jordi Vizcarro (Vermouth Padró), we were able to pair our five Padró & Co. vermouths with several different cheeses (blue cheese, provolone, and goats cheese curado de cabra) and we discovered the subtleties of the different textures when blended with more and less bitter vermouths.

Since tickets for the tasting sold out immediately and by popular demand we decided to hold a second tasting in the afternoon, which also proved to be a great success. The participants could not have been more enthusiastic and we were able to share a really amazing gastronomic experience.

Congratulations to the organisers of the Cubermut fair, which just in this first year, received over 5,000 visitors and served a total of 5,200 vermouths!

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