Maximum recognition for Padró i Familia with a Grand Gold at the International Bacchus Competition in Madrid

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Maximum recognition for Padró i Familia with a Grand Gold at the International Bacchus Competition in Madrid

Four of the Padró family’s premium vermouths have received awards in the 18th Bacchus International Wine Competition in Madrid which took place at the Casino de Madrid between 5th and 9th March. The novelty this year was the addition of a specific category for vermouth, thus giving the beverage equal billing in the competition, next to wine.

Our Padró & Co. Rojo Amargo, with 92 points out of 100, once again demonstrated its exceptional character and was the only vermouth to win a place amongst the world’s 25 best beverages. Our Rojo Amargo is a vermouth with personality, which starts out with an initial infusion consisting of mountain herbs followed by a 2-year “rest” in chestnut barrels. Once the ageing period is completed, a second infusion consisting of more bitter botanicals is added, giving the vermouth its verve and vitality. On the nose, ripe orange peel, cinnamon, clove and dried apricots, whilst the bitter sensations on the palate come from quinine, liquorice and honey caramel. A veritable explosion of flavours, pleasantly bitter, reminiscent of the intense vermouths from Italy.

To complete the Padró i Família line-up, our Padró & Co. Rojo Clásico received a Gold Bacchus whilst two silver medals went to our Padró & Co. Dorado Amargo Suave and our Padró & Co. Reserva Especial in the most prestigious international competition held in Spain.

The Spanish Union of Tasters (UEC) organises this competition backed by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits (VINOFED) and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture. The panel, this year, consisted of eighty expert tasters of different nationalities, including Masters of Wine, winemakers, sommeliers, specialist journalists and other industry members. The panel adhered to strict blind tasting – over four days – of 1578 different products sent from the world’s five wine-making continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America.

do ha realizado una estricta cata a ciegas -de cuatro días de duración- de 1578 referencias traídas de los cinco continentes vinícolas del mundo: Europa, Asia, África, Oceanía y América.

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