Myrrha Blanco by Padró & Co.: Delicious Tradition

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Vermut Myrrha Blanco con almejas a la marinera y atún marinado

Myrrha Blanco by Padró & Co.: Delicious Tradition

Our Myrrha Blanco has earned a special place in the line-up of white vermouths of its category due to its fresh and zesty, very Mediterranean flavours. It’s a vermouth that has a place any- and everywhere, adapting to a range of situations and is unlikely, we feel, to leave anyone indifferent.

This is our more traditional white vermouth made using a young white wine to which we add an infusion of very aromatic plants to give it its floral, lemony and aniseed flavours. In the mouth it is rich and smooth, sweet, extremely fresh and zesty with an elegantly bitter aftertaste.

The options with this vermouth are many, both in terms of food pairing as well as when preparing cocktails. We can make a couple of suggestions, but the range of possible pairings is enormous and will very much depend on you and what you like. Our Myrrha Blanco goes wonderfully with pan-seared fresh tuna in mustard sauce, but you can also use it to add the final touch to a few clams tossed in the pan with garlic and parsley.

In the world of cocktails, our Myrrha Blanco is a polyvalent player which generally gives its all, however, there is one cocktail that we have prepared at a number of events where this white vermouth proved to be a winner: our Gala cocktail made with Myrrha Blanco, Campari, pink Cava, orange juice, grenadine, freshly squeezed lemon and a little sugar.

Our Myrrha Blanco is a vermouth for any occasion: a spontaneous visit from the family, a long pre-lunch drink on a lazy day, in a cocktail or even as that pick-me-up drink after work. Try it and see for yourself!

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