New Myrrha Reserva and Blanco

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New Myrrha Reserva and Blanco

The Myrrha family continues to grow with its latest additions Vermut Blanco and Vermut Reserva.

Vins Padró is pleased to announce these two new products in its range of vermouths, for those who enjoy a white vermouth or just something a little more complex.

Intense and agreeably spicy aromas greet the senses and envelop the nose with a mixture of floral, citrus and anise notes. Initial density on the palate with a pleasant sweetness followed by a sense of fresh acidity. The aftertaste is elegant and very slightly tangy, tempting the taster to take another sip.

The essence of our vermouth comes from a combination of herbs, mostly Alpine in origin, with the better-known white wines of our area. In the case of our Myrrha Reserva Vermouth, we are seeking complexity. Hence the wine is very carefully stored in special vats previously used to age some of the big Jerez brandies. In this way, toasted aromas and nuances of dried fruits and nuts,  as well as spicy and balsamic notes are gently transferred to the wine over many months and, in addition, a sweet but tangy character becomes silky and delicate.

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