Padró & Co. expands its range of vermouths with spectacular new release Rojo Amargo

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Padró & Co. expands its range of vermouths with spectacular new release Rojo Amargo

Vermouth Padró & Co. Rojo Amargo

Vermouth with its very own personality, intense aromas and a refined bitter taste, these are the hallmarks of the new Rojo Amargo, bold addition to the Padró & Co. range of vermouths. This new launch is also visually spectacular: an elegant packaging incorporating an exclusive design, with colourful arabesques, which look different depending on whether or not they fall under ultraviolet light. In normal light, the combination of deactivated fluorescent colours gives the bottle a brightness which highlights the copper colour against the rest. Under UV light, the fluorescent colours radiate vitality and the copper colour sits gracefully in the background. The presentation is rounded off with a seductive cylindrical box embodying the same exotic essence.

Vinification begins with an initial infusion prepared exclusively with high- altitude plants. Small roots and intense flower aromas provide some of the characteristics that are transferred to the palate.

Once aging is completed – involving a total of two years resting in wooden barrels, a second herbal infusion is added. It is here that the bark and special local roots come into play, reinforcing the vitality and bitterness of the vermouth.


Fresh sensations and character

A perfect and explosive combination of the zesty peel of ripe oranges with cinnamon spices. This is just one of the sensations produced and which is pre-eminent on the nose.

There are also strong balsamic notes of clove and dried apricot creating fresh sensations alongside the oranges and a very pleasant bitterness evoking sensations of tobacco, cinchona bark and honey.


Recent awards

The Rojo Amargo recently won a Gold Medal at this year’s Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition. A distinction that adds to the excellent score achieved in the Peñín Guide:  92 points out of 100.

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