Padró & Co. vermouths delight the Belgian palate

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Padró & Co. vermouths delight the Belgian palate

The Padró & Co. vermouths continue gathering acclaim outside Spain and the annual Wine Village, organised by Global Wineries in Kapellen, was the perfect occasion for us to present our range of vermouths to visitors from all over Belgium. An opportunity for the future that we just couldn’t miss!

For three days, we were visited at our stand by drink industry experts and members of the general public interested in finding out more about each of the Padró & Co. vermouths. We felt very warmly welcomed and all the visitors showed great interest in our products.

The village was also a wonderful excuse for us to present our vermouth Rojo Amargo. Visitors were captivated by the striking packaging, intense aromas and exquisite flavours.

In addition and since each to their own when it comes to taste, we had a great time finding a favourite vermouth for each of our visitors, from among our range: those who enjoy bitter flavours opted immediately for our Dorado Amargo Suave, while the most popular vermouths tended to be the Blanco Reserva and the Rojo Clásico.

Of course we all know that beer is the Belgian drink par excellence, so why not mix it in a cocktail with our Padró & Co. vermouth? Are you brave enough to prepare a good Beermouth – the perfect mix for these two drinks?

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