Recognition for Padró & Co. from the World Vermouth Awards

Recognition for Padró & Co. from the World Vermouth Awards

Our vermouths have recently been checked out by the experienced panel at the World Vermouth Awards. Based in the UK, this relatively new competition (2017 was its inaugural year) evaluates different types of wine, beer and spirits, although spotlighting vermouth in particular. We submitted three of our Padró & Co. range, which were assessed for product quality as well as packaging design and all three vermouths were considered by the panel to fit among the World’s Best Vermouths.

In the sweet vermouth category, our vermouths are present on all three positions of the World’s Best Vermouth podium: Gold for our Dorado Amargo Suave, Silver for our Rojo Amargo and Bronze for our Reserva Especial.

Our Rojo Amargo’s packaging also shone out brightly in the World’s Best Vermouth Design category, as Best New Launch Design, Best Brand Design and Best Presentation Design. The panel emphasized how different our Rojo Amargo is from any other vermouth packaging, both its fluorescent colours and overall bottle design making it entirely original.

It isn’t the first time that our vermouths have received such recognition in the UK. At the IWSC in 2017 they also won awards both for quality in the bottle and packaging. Our Rojo Amargo made a great impression on the panel at the time for its bottle design.

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