The successes of Padró & Co. resonate in the mainstream press

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The successes of Padró & Co. resonate in the mainstream press

The distinctive new brand Vermouth Padró & Co. has not only picked up recognition in major professional competitions, but has also attracted the attention of several mainstream media outlets.

The digital version of La Vanguardia (Spain’s third most read online medium with 12.8 million readers) highlighted the three medals received at this year’s Vinari Awards.

ABC.es (12.2 million readers) also mentioned the recent success of Padró & Co., citing prestigious agency EFE as its source.

Apart from the interest aroused by the Vinari Awards, Rojo Amargo also featured in Crónica Global, the fastest growing digital newspaper in Spain over the last year. In Catalonia alone, this medium, owned by Pedro J. Ramírez, has more than 1.7 million readers, making it the second most read online paper. In an article published on 16th May, the medium emphasized the quality of the product, the numerous awards received and the special packaging of the bottle.

Added to the impact generated in the media, are other articles published in professional and specialized magazines such as Vinos & Restaurantes, Profesional Horeca, Newspackaging, Cocina & Vino, etc. with a joint audience of over 30 million readers and in which the tremendous popular acceptance enjoyed by the new vermouth range of Padró & Co. is noted.

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