Vermouth, a winter warmer!

Vermouth is here to stay and with a good vermouth in front of you, any time of year is the right time. In fact any time is a good time to drink vermouth – out and about with friends or as a relaxing drink at home and in the warmth of the fireplace. If it’s a Padró & Co. – even better!

Padró & Co. has something to suit all tastes. Our Rojo Clásico, Blanco Reserva and Reserva Especial are our more traditional vermouths, whilst our Dorado Amargo Suave and Rojo Amargo are just perfect for a winter evening – in a cocktail or on the rocks- as a relaxing drink after work or even as a nightcap.

And how about a glass of our Rojo Clásico before a warming winter meal? Could be just perfect! Or why not relax one evening in front of the fire with a Reserva Especial on the rocks?

Our Padró & Co. range hopes to inspire new and exciting ways of drinking vermouth because the truth is, if the vermouth is good, the where and when won’t matter. How about you? Are you daring enough to taste our vermouths this winter?