Vermouth Padró & Co. triumphs at the Vinari Catalán Vermouths Awards with a Gold and two Silvers

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Germans Padró amb Toni Albà - Premis Vinari dels Vermuts Catalans 2017

Vermouth Padró & Co. triumphs at the Vinari Catalán Vermouths Awards with a Gold and two Silvers

The Bràfim winery was the top award winner in this year’s event.

In its first year on the market, Padró & Co. has received no less than 15 accolades.

This year’s Vinari Awards put Vermouth Padró & Co. among the top brands among Catalan vermouths. The Bràfim producer won three new medals to add to its accolades – a Gold and two Silvers, making it the most recognized brand in the 2017 competition.

The Blanco Reserva received the Gold Vinari in the white vermouths category, thus “defending its title” from 2016. Despite its short time on the market, the vermouth has become widely recognised; in fact,  in 2017 it has also received a silver medal from the Catavinum Wine & Spirits Competition and a top score (92/100) from the prestigious Peñín Guide.

In the Reservas category, Padró & Co.’s  Reserva Especial red vermouth received a Silver Vinari to add to what is becoming an extensive list of awards: a Gold Medal in Brussels 2016 and a second Gold in Catavinum 2017, among other accolades.

In the Other Styles category, the Dorado Amargo Suave received a Silver Medal showing just why the Guía Peñín experts saw fit to give this vermouth such a high score (94/100). Like the producer’s other vermouths, the Dorado Amargo Suave has also won awards in other competitions (most recently a Bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition).

In addition to the three Padró & Co vermouths, the judges also recognized the quality of another vermouth made at the Padró Family Winery – Myrrha Rojo, which was awarded the Silver medal in the Red Vermouth category.

These new accolades confirm the enormous enthusiasm with which the Padró & Co. vermouths, celebrating just one year on the market, have been received.


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