Myrrha Rojo Reserva: seasoned style

Myrrha Rojo Reserva: seasoned style

Today we are drinking our Myrrha Rojo Reserva, which is a very traditional Spanish red vermouth in its Reserva or aged form. We make this vermouth by adding a selection of herbs, mostly of Alpine origin to a base wine that we make ourselves using our own Macabeo and Xarel·lo grapes. The Reserva part of the vermouth is achieved with a nice long resting period in 500-litre barrels previously used to store sherry wines.

This resting period in old oak adds complexity to this vermouth and the botanical ingredients, initially light and refreshing evolve into stronger aromas and flavours. You will notice toasted aromas, hints of dried fruits and nuts as well as spicy and balsamic notes (clove, liquorice, orange peel and vanilla).  In the mouth a richly bitter sensation fills the palate with a multitude of differing nuances. Whilst our Myrrha Rojo Reserva can be enjoyed in different ways, we recommend serving this vermouth chilled from the fridge and without ice in order, to better appreciate the different elements in its complex aromas and flavours. In short, this vermouth is an excellent choice for those of you seeking some extra special creaminess and vigour in a traditional vermouth.

Our Myrrha Rojo Reserva pairs superbly with smoked and roasted or crispy foods as well as, you may be surprised to know, with dark chocolate. The higher the cocoa content the better. Try it and you will discover a fabulous blend of bitter flavours. You can also add a twist of orange peel to your glass to enhance the zesty and bitter sensations.

Our Myrrha Rojo Reserva came into being in 2015 and was immediately well-received by critics and consumers alike, going on to win numerous awards, including 90 points in Spain’s prestigious Guía Penín Spirits and Cocktail Guide. In 2019 the vermouth was awarded a Gold Medal for Best Reserva Vermouth at the Vinari Vermouth Awards here in Catalonia as well as a silver medal and Special Award for Best Bottle Design at the Mezquita Awards in Córdoba, southern Spain.

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