Vermouth, a winter warmer!

Vermouth is here to stay and with a good vermouth in front of you, any time of year is the right time. In fact any time is a good time to drink vermouth – out and about with friends or as a relaxing drink at home and in the warmth...

Padró & Co. vermouths delight the Belgian palate

The Padró & Co. vermouths continue gathering acclaim outside Spain and the annual Wine Village, organised by Global Wineries in Kapellen, was the perfect occasion for us to present our range of vermouths to visitors from all over Belgium. An opportunity for the future that we just couldn’t miss! For three...

Autumn gastronomic fiesta in Castellón!

Our five Padró & Co. vermouths have been down in Castellón ´helping out´ at the Autumn 2017 Awards of the province’s Ruta de Tapas Sabores de Castellón, and delighting all of those present it seems. Thanks to Vermouth Padró’s expert mixologist, Jordi Vizcarro, people were able to taste for themselves the...

Padró & Co vermouths at Girona’s Gastronomic Forum

Our five vermouths Padró & Co. just made their first appearance (thank you El Tast Gourmet!), at Girona’s Gastronomic Forum, one of the most important and prestigious events on the Spanish foodie circuit (25,000 visitors this year; 30% more than last year). The Forum hosted over 250 companies this year and...

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