Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva vermouth: exceptional elegance

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Vermouth Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva

Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva vermouth: exceptional elegance

Today’s post is all about our Blanco Reserva, one of our four classic Padró & Co. vermouths. This white vermouth is aromatically intense as well as exquisite in the mouth, where sweet and bitter flavours are enveloped in perfect balance by refreshingly zesty sensations.

Our Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva vermouth is characterised by its base ingredient, an aged white mistela blended with an infusion of botanicals. This mistela is made from the must of very ripe grapes of the Macabeo and Xarel·lo varieties. Wine alcohol is then added to prevent the start of fermentation. A long rest in our bodega, in 2,500-litre oval barrels called foudresand made of acacia wood, gives the mistela its reserva quality. In our special selection of aromatic herbs for this vermouth, we would highlight star anise, lemon verbena, cinchona and angelica, which are combined with the peels of various citrus fruits.

Blanco Reserva is one of the four Padró & Co. vermouths in our wooden gift-crate. It is the lighter coloured bottle, a cooling and at the same time revitalising pastel green:

Caja de Madera Vermouth Padró & Co.

A ground-breaking white vermouth that is triumphing

Launched in 2016, our Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva is a step away from the more traditional characteristics of white vermouths. Thanks to the aged mistela, the sweet sensations of this vermouth are both delicate and gracious. Our Blanco Reserva received immediate recognition for quality that same year at the Vinari Catalan Vermouth Awards, where it was awarded a Gold Medal for Best White Vermouth. The vermouth went on to collect further accolades, including 92 points from the prestigious Peñín Guide here in Spain and a Gold Medal at the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards in South Africa.

In addition to this, our Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva has been well-received worldwide and is now available in around 20 countries.

Beyond aperitif

Like our other Padró & Co. vermouths, Blanco Reserva pairs extremely well with certain dishes and works wonderfully as a mixer in gourmet cocktails. We would recommend lightly marinated fish dishes seasoned with citrus where savoury and tanginess combine perfectly with the refreshing sweetness of our Blanco Reserva. Cod brandade or a sea bass and prawn tartar, for example. Or perhaps a mozzarella, cherry tomato and anchovy skewer dressed with a little fresh pesto.

And, last but not least, a cocktail suggestion: our Mediterranean Cooler, a combination of Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva vermouth with our unoaked Ipsis Chardonnay, soda water, lime slices and fresh mint leaves.

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