Vermouth Padró & Co. triumphs in international ratings

Vermouth Padró & Co. triumphs in international ratings

Further congratulations are in order, for our Padró & Co. vermouths. Following the five awards received recently at the Vinari Vermouth Awards here in Spain, at which our Padró & Co. Reserva Especial was awarded the Grand Gold Medal for Best Vermouth 2018, our vermouths have received recognition at international level.

Medals from Singapore followed the Vinari success. The Singapore International Competition in Beverage Industry 2018 awarded a Gold Medal to both the Padró & Co. vermouths we sent in to the competition: Blanco Reserva and Rojo Clásico.

Next stop was South Africa, with the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards. The prestigious panel of judges on this competition, set up in 1997, gave our Padró & Co. Blanco Reserva a Gold medal in the vermouth category.

Our Padró & Co. vermouths also received recognition from the 10th Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (HKIWSC), in which our Rojo Amargo collected Gold and our Rojo Clásico, Silver.

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