Digital Vermouth: Our new virtual space.

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White Vermouth Tasting

Digital Vermouth: Our new virtual space.

The success of the tours and tastings at our Casa Vermouth Padró has encouraged us to share a brand new virtual space with you on our social media, Digital Vermouth. After so many months of restrictions and reduced mobility due to Covid 19, we have decided to reveal some of our secrets in a series of short vídeo clips about our vermouths.

In the videos, our guides at Casa Vermouth Padró will tell you all about Myrrha by Padró & Co., our very first and more traditional brand. They will describe each vermouth and give you some tips on how to drink them so that you can fully enjoy our vermouths at home. If you are unsure which vermouth is for you, use these clips as a guide to help you choose when purchasing.

Myrrha Blanco Tasting

We’re kicking off our Digital Vermouth clips with Myrrha Blanco, a light white vermouth that is Mediterranean in character and bursting with zesty aromas and citrus flavours. Did you try it yet?

The videos are available in English, Spanish and Catalan on our YouTube channel, on Instagram in the IGTV section and on our Facebook.

Sinisa Curavic, Guide at Casa Vermouth Padró · Myrrha Blanco Tasting
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