What’s so special about our Dorado Amargo Suave?

What’s so special about our Dorado Amargo Suave?

A different-coloured vermouth, neither white nor red with its own special character. So where does it fit in? In its own special category of course. Little is written about amber or golden vermouths and they are definitely in the minority, however, they should never be underestimated. Spain’s prestigious Guía Peñín thought our Dorado worthy of 94 points, one of the highest scores awarded to any vermouth, for the perfect balance it offers between bitter and sweet.

You may be wondering how it gets its colour? That amber hue that makes it so different? In fact, the colour is achieved very simply by leaving out the caramel which is usually added to vermouths to make them red. Our Dorado Amargo Suave gets its colour exclusively from the blend of base wine with the herb infusion. Achieving an even and elegant golden tone is no easy feat and requires a good white wine base as well as top-quality herbs. This is why the amber colour of vermouths was not popular at one time and vermouths producers began colouring their vermouths with caramel.

The fresh Alpine flavours in our Dorado Amargo Suave come from ageing in semi-new chestnut barrels. The refreshing and clean balsamic sensations this vermouth brings to the palate make it ideal for pairing with food such as cheese, pickles and foie. The combination is compelling.

Its bitter energy comes from an infusion of bitter herbs selected especially for this vermouth, including gentian which contains amarogentian, the world’s most bitter substance. The bitter part of this plant is literally mouth-watering and hence spurs the digestive system into action and increases the appetite, which is why it’s ideal as pre-lunch/dinner option.

So why not try a glass of Dorado Amargo Suave and experience the sensations offered by this very special vermouth. As always, we recommend serving it cold, without ice, in moderation and, if possible, in good company.

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