Our Casa Vermouth Padró, the sensory vermouth experience, celebrates its first birthday

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Our Casa Vermouth Padró, the sensory vermouth experience, celebrates its first birthday

Just one year ago, our Casa Vermouth Padró, also known as the Sensory Vermouth Experience, opened its doors to the public with the aim of bringing an unprecedented experience to the world of wine tourism.

Over 2,000 people have come to number 17 Calle d’Avall in Bràfim (Tarragona) to enjoy what is hidden within the walls of our Casa Vermouth Padró. The tour guides tell the story of the Padró family, farmers, wine and liqueur makers since even before they opened their winery in around 1886. Our tour shows visitors how our vermouths are made, from the very beginning, from vine to bottle.

The tour washes away that old myth that vermouth is made using the harvest’s poorest wines and almost by accident. At least that’s not the way at Padró i Familia. Visitors will see oursol y serenawine barrels and the herb and citrus peel infusions, just some of the key elements we use to make our vermouths. The small bodega, located behind the main house, shelters the different barrels, some of them almost a hundred years old, which we use for ageing our vermouths.

Visitors can touch, smell and taste all the ingredients that go into making vermouth, awakening the senses and allowing you to identify the flavours in a glass of vermouth. It’s a fascinating educational experience, endorsed by visitors to our Casa during its first year, few of whom have been left unmoved by the sensory experience.

The exact vermouth formula is secret, but the truth is there’s nothing very complicated about this age-old craft: good wine, citrus peel, the very best botanicals followed by a good “rest” in quality barrels. This is the “formula” we use for our vermouths at Padró i Família and it’s all here on display, so come and see for yourself.

To request a visit, please click here.

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