Padró & Co. Rojo Amargo: Irrisistably vivacious

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Tubos de Padró & Co. Rojo Amargo

Padró & Co. Rojo Amargo: Irrisistably vivacious

Our Rojo Amargo has shown itself to be a red vermouth like no other. It has its very own mystique and it just loves to make this known. The vermouth starts out with an initial infusion consisting of mountain herbs and then rests in chestnut barrels for two whole years. Once this aging is completed, we add a second infusion, made with more bitter herbs, giving the vermouth its enhanced vitality and depth.

If you get close to a glass of Rojo Amargo you will notice the aromas of ripe orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and dried apricot. The bitter sensations on the palate come from chinchona bark, licorice and honey caramel. A suberb explosion of flavours, deliciously bitter, reminiscent of the more dynamic Italian vermouths.

Our Rojo Amargo is ideal for use in cocktails, its vivacity makes it perfect for use in one of the most internationally-adored cocktails: the Negroni. Rojo Amargo knows no limits, having wowed the most expert Spanish and international judges, for its quality as well as its spectacular packaging.

During 2019 alone, our Rojo Amargo received the following accolades: the three top awards in the ADI’s Judging of Craft Spirits (USA), a Silver medal at the Mezquita Awards (Spain) and a Silver medal in the World Vermouth Awards (United Kingdom); all for quality inside the bottle. For packaging, the vermouth won three gold medals at the World Vermouth Awards: Best New Launch Design, Best Brand Design and Best Presentation Design as well as receiving a Bronze medal at the ADI’s Judging of Craft Spirits.

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